As you read this, every company out there is trying to find a new way to "break through" with their advertising messages. They're increasing their budgets. Taking more risks. Using new and more mediums. It's a nonstop whir of activity.

But is any of it working?

Well, there's only one way that advertising can work to the point where it helps drive your business. It has to communicate, inform, and relate. From our point of view, that means we can't just execute ads. Instead, we crawl into your business and your marketing issues until we completely understand your business. That's when we start doing the work. Because to create impact full advertising, we have to become as in tune with your business as you are.

That means we research, dissect, and analyze. Then we do the same for each and every competitor. We look at pricing, distribution, and product development plans. We'll talk to the best analysts. We'll discuss things with customers. We'll meet with salespeople, channel managers, retail clerks, the cleaning people if it would help.

What we learn is what will become "great creative". Which means advertising that has a measurable impact. And that's what our advertising delivers: measurable impact. That way, we're as accountable for your marketing dollars as you are. And you avoid million-dollar mistakes.

Review the case studies. You'll find strong creative, sound strategy, and measurable results.

That's what you're looking for, isn't it?