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:: Editor's note


Nowadays, all around the world, numerous advertising companies are trying to do something, which construes the most essential important part of commercialism in the new millennium. Professional advertising and informing the public about products and services, plays a crucial role. Without advertisement it would be impossible to introduce new items.

Our aim is to synchronize and bring closer manufacturing service providing companies with advertising agencies and particularly with the consumer. Having the right information will enable an advertisement agent or a corporation manager to perform his crucial role more successfully.

In today’s information craving society, we are going to take the responsibility of providing the link between these two large entities.

Would you like to

  • Are looking for an advertising agency in a certain field.
  • Are interested in being in touch with daily advertisement news.
  • Would like to review a brief description of companies and establishments or would like to provide one of your own company services.
  • Whish to introduce yourself by placing an ad in a newspaper, magazine, on radio, television, Internet or any other available media in a certain country.
  • Would like to review advertisements films of other companies,establishments and individuals or would like to have your own ad film.

You can have all these on AdvLive easy,
And now we can provide you with one or more pages in your own net address at the lowest cost to you. So that you too can play an active role in the Internet and present yourself from anywhere in the world and in no time.

In the new millennium, being present on the web is a must for commercial activity. is the Answer to All your Advertisement needs registered.
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